Complete branding projects (logo/brand identity/print or social/website) take from 4 to 8 weeks.  I provide a detailed timeline with benchmark action items and projected dates at the start of every project. 


After your initial inquiry, we'll set up a time to chat on the phone, via Skype or via Google Hangouts. This meeting is an opportunity for me to learn more about you, your business and your design needs. It's also an opportunity for you to ask me questions about my process, past projects, or anything else relevant to your project. This is our chance to get to know one another a bit and make sure we'll make a great team. 


If it looks like we'll be a good fit, I'll develop a proposal that outlines the scope, timeline, terms and fees for the project and send it over to you. If the project details are acceptable to you, you'll need to sign and return the proposal to me (keep a copy for yourself) along with the payment of a non-refundable deposit to book your spot in my schedule. 

I accept Paypal payments or written checks made out to Kimi Mischke Creative. Branding-only projects are broken into 2 installments, with the first half being payable upon booking and the second half being payable at project completion but before any final logo/branding files are delivered. For more comprehensive projects that also include a website, project fees are divided into 4 installments. As with branding-only projects, the first payment is due upon booking. The second payment is due prior to delivery of logo/branding files and/or sending files to print. The third payment is generally due at the start of the web design process, and the final payment is due before going live with the final website design. 

digging deep

Client homework can be challenging, but in many ways, this is the most crucial part of the process. If we take the time to get it right up front, it will prevent our wasting time and energy later in the process. I'll send you my brand identity questionnaire so you can think about and gain clarity on your business, where it is now, where you'd like it to be in the future, and how you plan to get there. The questionnaire also asks about your visual likes and dislikes and asks that you provide a few design examples that achieve what you are hoping to do with your new brand identity. I like to go over your answers to the questionnaire together via Skype or Google Hangouts, so you can clarify or elaborate where needed. Once I'm sure that we're on the same page, I'll flesh out a creative brief for your project that will guide me throughout the brand identity design process. I'll send it to you for approval to be sure I've understood everything correctly and haven't missed any important details. 


Now it's time to dive in! My next step is to create a mood board that sets the overall tone for your new brand identity. Based on your questionnaire, I'll compile imagery, typography and colors that are appropriate for your business. I'll send this mood board to you so you can review it and request up to 2 rounds of revisions until we've gotten the direction just right. 

logo development

Once you're mood board is finished, I'll get down to the business of developing 2 - 4 unique logo ideas that achieve the goals you expressed in your client questionnaire and that capture the tone developed in your mood board. Your job is to choose the one that will best attract your target audience and express the essence of your business. You can then request up to 2 rounds of revisions to get it just right. 

brand application & board

I like to flesh out a brand while I'm designing the marketing collateral that my clients will actually use. I'llI start by designing either your business card or one social media profile, which ensures that any additional brand artwork (patterns, shapes, imagery, etc.) that I develop will work well in a variety of situations. You'll again have 2 rounds of revisions to perfect the piece, and then I'll apply the new brand identity to all of your print materials and/or social media design (letterhead/notecard and envelopes, stamp, hangtag, stickers, Facebook and Twitter profiles, etc.) to present a consistent look for your business. Lastly, I put it all together into a brand style guide for you that includes your new logo with its variations, color palette and additional artwork. Once you've approved all of your print and social media materials and made your final payment, I will send you your logo in various popular formats (eps, pdf, jpeg, png, etc.) along with press- and web- ready files that you can either send to print or upload to your social media accounts. 


Prior to completion of your additional branding materials, I will have given you a website questionnaire to work on and asked you to complete all of your content for each page. All site photography and copy is due prior to my starting on your website design. Once I have those materials in hand, I'll choose a template and map out your site's content, flow and functionality in a wireframe to present to you for approval. Once we've nailed that down, I'll set up the pages and navigation of your site. I'll then move on to customizing with your new logo and brand identity.  After you've had a chance to review the site, provide feedback and make edit requests, I'll finalize the design and present it to you again for final approval. This is where you'll need to create your Squarespace account if you don't already have one, so you can access the backend of the site on your own. If you're making the switch from Wordpress, I'll transfer your existing blog posts into Squarespace and reroute your domain. If you already have a Squarespace site, you'll need to add me as an administrator before I begin the design process, so I can put up a teaser cover page and begin changing the design. 


Finally, it's time to launch your new brand into the world. Upon final payment, we'll go live with your website, and I'll provide a tutorial via Skype or Google Hangouts show you how to update images and text, add and edit blog posts, connect social media accounts, review your site metrics and add items to your shop (if applicable).  

Congratulations! You've now been branded and can take your business wherever you want it to go!