How To Change The Convo From Green To Blue

Color (American English), or colour (Commonwealth English), is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue… […]

How To Safely Buy On Amazon

29/04/2017 · hello everybody thet reads this so...i want to buy a monitor called C24FG70 the thing is thet it is alot cheaper in amazon then to drive to the store and buy it but im super afraid thet the screen […]

How To Build Ships Sinking Ship Simulator

Sinking Ship Simulator - Bismarck v Bismarck Back. Follow . In this episode of the Sinking Ship Simulator, we show off 2 very similar but different ships called Bismarck! […]

How To Download Icloud Backup To Pc And Clear Space

After knowing how to clear iCloud space, you may want to save your iPhone space. There’s a decent amount of space to grow into iPhone, but photos, music, and mysterious files can eat up all the space before you even know it. It may even run out of storage at some key moment. No one likes to be forced to delete apps or photos to get more space. […]

How To Clean Medela Shoulder Bag

Best pumping bag for work. Fit for any boardroom meeting, this quilted black bag with a gold-link handle a cooler cleverly conceals a cooler bag, a wet bag, an accessory bag and a cloth to dry your pump parts. […]

How To Change Map Of Tf2 Server Gameservers

For Source-based games (Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Left For Dead), how do I change the map rotation on my own server? Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. […]

How To Change Gmail Account Of Your Galaxy S5

There are a lot of benefits to sync yoGmailail account automatically on your Galaxy S5: receive the most recent emails straight to your phone, remove the fraction of checking your Gmail account online. […]

How To Build A Roof Over My Existing Deck

When you are building a patio cover off of an existing roof or wall, you must take all of your measurements from the point at which the patio roof will attach to the existing structure, not the outside of the slab. The slab can vary considerably, throwing off crucial measurements. […]

How To Add Nintendo Account To Google Authentic

26/10/2018 · You can let your users authenticate with Firebase using their Google Accounts by integrating Google Sign-In into your app. You can integrate Google Sign-In either by using the Firebase SDK to carry out the sign-in flow, or by carrying out the Google Sign-In flow manually and passing the resulting ID token to Firebase. […]

How To Connect Kodi To Network Server

10/11/2017 I disabled SMBv1 manually on a few systems including my server because of the virus prone users on the network. I installed the NFS service on my server to share the files and other then a few annoyance ("net files" cmd doesn't work and nfs isn't in the wmi for open files so i cant see if they are playing something) it seems to be faster for kodi to lock onto. […]

How To Download Games On Ps

How to Install More PSone Games on PS Classic. Heres how you can add more PSone games to your PS Classic: Download free software BleemSync to your computer. Extract the contents of the […]

How To Change Your Twitter Ui

8/01/2019 · The One UI also announces the arrival of the famous system-wide dark mode. But instead of just changing the colors on your screen, it also adjusts the tone, brightness, and contrast of the display […]

Mount & Blade Warband How To Become King

Mount And Blade: Warband offers tremendous value alongside an innovative experience that you cannot find in any other title for Xbox One. You can realize your dream of being a king, which is nice considering you won’t have time for sleep anymore. […]

How To Become Eec Certified

4/01/2017 · Opt to become a paraprofessional while completing a 4-year degree. If you need to work while you go to school, you can apply for work as a paraprofessional, while seeking a qualification as a special education teacher or program administrator. […]

How To Ask A Guy To Sadie Hawkins

Honey, find a boy in school who you know doesn't have a girlfriend - likely a shy guy - but also a guy who you think is cute enough or nice enough (even though, if he's shy, you may not know him well enough). Almost..... asked under How Do I Look? […]

How To Delete Voicemail On Samsung S6

18/01/2017 · Mobile providers hate him! See that one weird trick to get rid of that annoying voicemail forever! *Kinda* The quickest and easiest way to remove the annoying voicemail notification when you can't […]

How To Change All 4k Footage To 1080p

23/03/2016 · Summary: This article aims to elaborate on how to compress/downscale DJI Phantom 4 4K footage to 1080p for better playback and editing. Not long ago, DJI has released its latest top-end consumer drone, the Phantom 4, has great advancements against its predecessor in many aspects. […]

Duel Links How To Use Cry Havoc

The 'cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war' form of the phrase is from Julius Caesar, 1601. After Caesar's murder Anthony regrets the course he has taken and predicts that war is sure to follow. After Caesar's murder Anthony regrets the course he has taken and predicts that war is sure to follow. […]

How To Draw Nelson Mandela

Drawing of Nelson Mandela by Liesjj Drawing of Nelson Mandela by Liesjj Tim McFarlin captures Nelson Mandela perfectly in this pencil and Tim McFarlin captures Nelson Mandela perfectly in this pencil and charcoal portrait. 25 best Nelson mandela pictures ideas on Pinterest: Nelson Mandela Realistic Art, Pencil Drawing Images Nelson Mandela Picture Drawing Nelson Mandela (Pencil drawing) Nelson […]

How To Download Mod Using Curse

Within the Curse ecosystem, a third party mod refers to any mod that isn't hosted on CurseForge. They would prefer that all mods in modpacks that are shared in a Curse project are CurseForge mods so that users get the best user experience and that authors receive credit and rewards for the hard work that they put into their creations. You will be allowed to use non-CurseForge mods if they have […]

How To Create Custom Website In Wordpress

You should start configuring your website, creating posts/pages on your website, customize WordPress, creating custom Menus and more. This guide will teach you everything you need plus few more helpful resources below. […]

How To Cook 4 Lobster Tails

Thaw frozen lobster tails, if you are not working with fresh meat. Fill a stockpot with water deep enough to cover the entire lobster tail or batch of tails you will cook. Add 1 […]

How To Add Shipping To Paypal

Steps to register with paypal for UPS shipping Registering with the paypal is very easy, all you have to do is just follow the below given steps: Go to the and fill the details to signup.if you already have the Paypal account then just sign with the paypal with your username and password. […]

How To Cook Food In Microwave Oven Video

Food that sits in a microwave oven is bombarded on all sides by the microwaves. Water molecules within the food absorb the microwaves, and the resulting vibrations generate heat and cook the food […]

How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Cutting Technology - Faster, Easier, Safer ICS PowerGrit™ Utility Saw Chain is a revolutionary new cutting product designed to change the way the job gets done. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods. […]

How To Download A Website Source Code

Build a .NET web app with Azure Cosmos DB using the SQL API and the Azure portal Article 21 Dec 2018 by Microsoft This quick start demonstrates how to create an Azure Cosmos DB SQL API account, document database, and collection using the Azure portal. […]

How To Become A Counsellor In Saskatchewan

A trained Credit Counsellor will give you the information you need so that you can make an informed decision. A Credit Counsellor serving Saskatchewan will … […]

How To Choose Between Two Weddings

One of the biggest decisions a couple has to make is choosing between an indoor and outdoor wedding venue. Whether you two see yourselves getting … […]

How To Download Onto S7 Sd Card

How to move apps to the SD card on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 We published a detailed guide on how to move apps to the SD card on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge . That guide was required because the procedure was changed slightly for devices on Marshmallow. […]

How To Create Portable Windows Xp Usb

Making a bootable flash drive containing Windows XP is helpful for installation on computers lacking an optical drive. In order to do so, the original Windows XP disc must first be copied to a computer in ISO image file format. Once an image is created of the disc, it can be easily copied to a USB […]

How To Call Australia From Nokia Lumia

Divert calls to alternative number If you can't answer your calls, you can divert them to another number. 1 of 14 steps Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your phone. […]

How To Create Term Paper

6/01/2019 · To write an abstract, start with a short paragraph that explains the purpose of your paper and what it's about. Then, write a paragraph explaining any arguments or claims you make in your paper. Follow that with a third paragraph that details the research methods you used and any evidence you found for your claims. Finally, conclude your abstract with a brief section that tells readers why […]

How To Cook Unagi Sauce

Unagi, Japanese eel is very hard to prepare from the raw fish, therefore we recommend to use a half-cooked Unagi which you can buy it at market. […]

How To Change Writing Language In Facebook

The language on my Facebook iPhone app just changed. How do... How can I contact the friends I've chosen as trusted contact... How do I change a temporary profile picture back to my previ... How can I get back into my account if I'm being asked to con... Ask a Question HOW TO GET BACK TO ENGLISH, WHICH I ACCIDENTALLY CHANGED TO ENGLISH PIRATE. Settings. I ACCIDENTALLY CHANGED MY LANGUAGE … […]

How To Connect My Jabra Bluetooth

I have just bought a JABRA HALO Bluetooth headset for audio since my audio port is broken, I have a targus bluetooth dongle. When I have it connected to my blackberry storm 2 the audio sounds great, but when it is connected to the computer, it sounds like ____. […]

How To Become Infection Control Practitioner

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) is a voluntary, autonomous, multidisciplinary board that provides direction for, and administers to, the certification process for professionals in infection prevention and control and applied epidemiology. CBIC is independent and separate from any other infection control - related organization or association. This is […]

How To Draw Flying Horse

Today I am going to show you how to draw Pidgey from Pokemon. Pidgey is a normal flying type of Pokemon that resembles a pigeon. Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto which then evolves into a Pidgeot. We will guide you to drawing Pidgey with simple to follow steps. […]

How To Cook 6 Pound Chicken In Oven

The cooking time depends on the ingredients, how watery it is andtemperature of the cooker. If the stuffing comes in a package, refer to the instructions onthe packaging, bec … ause different brands have different ingredients,which means different cooking times. […]

How To Become A Paleontologist Australia

I Want To Be A Paleontologist! Advice for Students and Parents. There is no luckier person than the person who can make their passion their career. Most professional paleontologists are just such lucky people. They are people consumed with a passion to understand the history of life on earth. Paleontology is fun, thrilling, and fascinating, but it is also hard work. It is not "easier" than the […]

How To Become A Mindfulness Instructor Online

The practice of mindfulness is now being taught in schools, businesses, professional sports teams, and in our integrative healthcare systems. First Things First When you first set out to learn meditation, it's important to find both a technique and a teacher best suited for you. […]

How To Avoid Tattoo Blowout

Guidelines on how to avoid getting a tattoo you will come to regret. Tattoos are trending like wildfire. Ever since the world’s celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, and tattoo TV reality shows filled the airwaves, tattoos have become the “must have” accessory for a generation of the world’s youth – and even for many who are not in […]

How To Cut Hair In Layers Step By Step

Haircut: Curly Hair Layers Scissor Cut : Step-by-step beginner haircutting class of how to cut curly hair. Curly hair is a little tricky to cut, so watch to learn how to cut it. […]

How To Draw Chains Linked

The secondary structure of proteins. Within the long protein chains there are regions in which the chains are organised into regular structures known as alpha-helices (alpha-helixes) and […]

How To Download Video From Within Covenant Addon

How To Install Covenant Addon plus Colossus On Kodi 17.3 Krypton Exodus Replacement Addon covenant kodi addon-kodi covenant-kodi covenant repo-covenant kodi 17.3-exodus replacement kodi - colossus repository […]

Erp Next How To Create New Production Order

When you create a production order, the item’s route is copied over to create a production route. A kanban rule connects production flow activities to an item. The rule is assigned a replenishment strategy (Fixed, Scheduled, or Event), that determines how and when AX generates a kanban order. […]

How To Catch Stink Bugs

If you have any citrus trees, you may have noticed those smelly orange pests, the stink bugs or bronze orange bugs, have landed. They do stink and their spray is also quite corrosive, it can cause […]

How To Become An Ikea Installer

Instructions for the legendary Billy bookcase. While many of us have at least one frustrating IKEA assembly story, what the process does accomplish merits astonishment. […]

How To Avoid Feeling Cold

How to Avoid Feeling Cold During Pregnancy There are some simple tips to avoid feeling cold when you are pregnant. Keep a healthy diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and folic acid. […]

Google Docs How To Add Another Legend

Google Docs - spreadsheet - insert chart on another sheet. To insert a chart for your spreadsheet data, To do that, you can add a new sheet first by clicking the Add Sheet button at the bottom-left corner. Select the new sheet. Insert a new chart by menu Insert|Chart. In the Create Chart dialogue, you need to manually input what data you want to use. If the data are from Sheet1, you […]

How To Add An E Signature In Adobe Reader

12/07/2010 I need help I have been working on a new form I want to have digatally signed. I add the digital signature box, in the test pdf it pulls in my digital certificates and works. […]

How To Cut A Standing 4x4 Post

"outside light posts lamp post with outlet best outdoor lights great ideas about power wood ele" "solar light on top, or could hard wire, adding an outlet for Christmas lights to plug in." A DIY house number sign including a flower box that myself & my husband came up with. […]

How To Delete An Old Itunes Account

Specifically, whether you are going to sell old iPhone or give it to other friends, shift from Apple to another Android brand, replace hacked account, etc. you need to delete old […]

How To Create A Pdf Folder

23/02/2014 · How can I save an existing pdf file to a new folder, from the open pdf? Example - I have a pdf file that currently exits in a folder in my documents. I open the pdf, (a legal contract) and after reviewing it, I decide that I want to save it to a new folder. When I right click and bring up the menu on the bottom of the screen, and then click save-as, it brings up my current folders (in an app […]

How To Change Color Of Shoe

4/12/2009 · Best Answer: Can you not buy them already yellow? Well, it depends what type of material they are made from. If they are canvas or a similar material, you can buy a coulourfast dye cheap from the chemist, which you put in the washing machine with the shoes and it dyes the fabric :) […]

How To Create Dimples With Makeup

To keep makeup in place all day, apply a translucent setting powder under eyes and along your nose, forehead and chin like the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder. Rule 3: Pick Your Product Grab a highlighting powder based on your skin tone , and apply to the highest part of your cheekbones. […]

How To Become A Registered Apprentice In Alberta

As long as you are registered as an apprentice with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), you will remain in interest-free status on your current and previous Alberta student loans for the duration of your apprenticeship including technical training and on-the-job training. […]

How To Answer Interview Questions Confidently

Answering interview questions is one thing, and answering them in a confident manner is another thing. So, today we are going to see, how to answer interview questions confidently! […]

How To Cancel Western Union Transfer On Scotiabank

I am selling a pickup on craig's list. I have a gentleman who said he wanted to buy and had an agent that would come pick it up. He said he sent a total of 11,000 which included fees for western union fess and sending money to his agent. […]

How To Cook Mexican Corn On The Cob

I am not Mexican and my grill is out of commission, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy corn on the cob with all the fixings. I got this recipe from a good friend of mine who is Mexican. […]

How To Delete Teams Espn Fantasy Hockey

ESPN Fantasy does not sponsor Fantasy Football Leagues but does offer a convenient place to check in and keep track of wins and losses for your teams. Share to: Answered […]

How To Build A Baseball Stadium

29/11/2018 The Portland Diamond Project on Thursday announced plans to build a Major League Baseball stadium on the banks of the Willamette River after […]

How To Build A Wooden Bike Ramp

If you’ve read the article in Dirt 72 on how to build a wooden ramp but couldn’t understand the instructions well now you can watch the video. Put the kettle on, sit back and watch a complete amateur struggle with power tools and no instructions […]

How To Avoid Red Hair From Fading

15/08/2010 · Best Answer: Heres a few ways to try and keep your hair dye looking as fresh as possible. - Adding a little of your semi-perm dye to your conditioner can give your hair a 'top-up' each time you wash which should help to reduce fading. […]

How To Cut Back Rhododendrons

When to Prune: Typically, rhododendrons and azaleas are pruned after they bloom. This preserves the current seasons bloom, and allows time for the plant to produce flower buds for next years bloom. […]

How To Add Date In Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc

Install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 1. Go to Start > All Programs > Program Installer. Select Acrobat DC and click Install . 2. It may take up to 20 minutes for the program to install 3. Once it has installed you can start Adobe Acrobat DC from Start > All Programs > Adobe Acrobat DC. UNIVERSITY OF LEICES TER 3 IT SERVICES. Create one PDF from multiple files Adobe Acrobat DC allows you to create a […]

How To Break Asp Pages

1) Want a page break after each group i.e. When new PID starts it should be on new page during export. When new PID starts it should be on new page during export. 2) And also for each group I want group header with Barcode of PID and another barcode which is a fixed value. […]

How To Connect Office Communicator From Mobile

19/11/2010 · Users can now connect their Office Communicator Phone Edition phone to their computer with a USB cable and sign in to both their phone and Office Communicator 2007 R2 at the same time. Integration with Office Communicator 2007 R2 on the PC . […]

How To Add People To Roles On Discord

!Bind "Group Owner" 372372:255 where 372372 is your group id, 255 is the group roleset rank (the number on the Roblox group configure page, not the role name) and Group Owner is the Discord role name Use the following command to set up giving a role […]

How To Download Yupptv Catch Up Videos

Download YuppTV - LiveTV, Catch-up, Movies A free program for windows, by YuppTV USA Inc. A free program for windows, by YuppTV USA Inc. YuppTV - LiveTV, Catch-up, Movies […]

How To Keep Sheepskin Rug Clean

The towels will help the boots to keep their shape.We recommend that you use Woolskin to protect, clean and disinfect your sheepskin and ugg boots. Common boot products could damage them. Common boot products could damage them. […]

How To Cook Soya Chunks Guyanese Style Chowmein

Replacing certain vegetables like potatoes with Soya chunks adds nutritive value to your food while removing the extra carbs like in Rajasthani Style Kaddu Aur Soya ki Subzi wherein the combination of soya chunks and pumpkins really lift the dish. […]

How To Calculate Safe Days To Avoid Pregnancy

25/10/2007 · FAM was very effective for me; I used it 9 or 10 cycles to avoid pregnancy. Then, when we started trying to conceive, I got pregnant on the 2nd cycle trying since I knew from charting that I tended to ovulate from cycle day 11 to cycle day 18. […]

How To Convert Microsoft Word To Pdf Free Download

Convert docx.doc to doc.doc with Kutools for Word If you have installed Kutools for Word , the Doc/Docx utility can help you convert multiple docx.doc to doc.doc quickly. Kutools for Word , a handy add-in, includes groups of tools to ease your work and enhance your ability of processing word document. […]

Divinty How To Delete Character

It allows to remove the following status effects: Slowed, Crippled, Chilled, Shocked, Suffocating, Atrophy, Diseased, Infectious Diseased and Shackles of Pain. Classes available for Sebille Sebille has access to 14 classes which are described in the table below. […]

How To Draw A Hand Step By Step For Kids

Coloring Pages for Kids. TRACTOR, Step by Step > How to Draw. Painting and Drawing for Kids. 16 May 2015, 02:43 And here`s a tractor-driver he is turning the steering wheel with one hand and waving to us with the other. Now color the wheels black, the cab in the color of your choice and the TRACTOR is ready to sow, plow and clean the environment. […]

How To Download A Website And All Links In It

As you browse the internet in Chrome, you may run across a webpage you want to save for future reference, or you may want to study the way a page is coded and implemented. […]

How To Allow Pop Ups On Macbook Air

Step. Click on "Block Pop-Up Windows. You will now see a check mark next to this option, which shows it has been selected. Now when you surf the net, Safari will block pop-ups. […]

How To Create A Bootable Sd Cardfor Sierra

In actuality, with a bootable SD card, or USB flash drive, you can restore your system to working order, or begin a fresh install of a new operating system to return your ailing computer to working order. Creating a bootable SD card takes a bit of work, and may require multiple attempts, but it […]

How To Change Channel Pokemmo

The bad news is that at this time, there is no way to change your attack moves. Whenever you capture or hatch a Pokemon, you are basically stuck with what moves they have at the time. Whenever you capture or hatch a Pokemon, you are basically stuck with what moves they have at the time. […]

Scotiabank How To Cancel Credit Card

This post is about my experience trying to cancel a credit card with three major card issuers. Last year I took advantage of three credit card promotions to help boost my rewards. Two of the cards – American Express Gold and Scotiabank Gold American Express – had offered big welcome bonuses and waived the annual fee in the first year. […]

How To Clean My Ball Point Pen

How to Remove a Ball Point Ink Stain on Plastic Tools of the Triumphant If ink has found its way to a plastic cover, plaything or tablecloth, there are a few tools you will need to have in place before you begin to extract the stain from the material. […]

How To Add Songs In Music Player App

Open the Music app on your Apple Watch and scroll up, then tap Library. You can also use Siri to play any song in the Apple Music catalog and listen to custom stations in the Radio app. If you're not an Apple Music subscriber, you can enjoy some music on your Apple Watch. Learn how to add albums and playlists to your watch. Listen to Apple Podcasts . With watchOS 5, you can use the Podcasts […]

Aspxgridview How To Clear All Focus Row

"The ASPxGridView doesn't get the recently inserted row key value within the updating request. However you can handle the ASPxGridView.RowInserted event (or elsewhere you need) and send a request to the database which can be formatted with entered values." […]

How To Become A Detective In The Rcmp

Working with police officers and detectives; Studying human behaviors and characteristics; Police can use the information gathered from criminal profilers to help them narrow their search for suspects. In high profile criminal cases, especially cases with multiple victims spread out over time, profilers are indispensable components of a criminal investigation. Requirements to Become a Criminal […]

How To Become A Bricklayer Ireland

"The old system of AnCO that was in Ireland years ago trained great tradesman and we've gone away from that altogether, we've gone down a statistical road that if you're unemployed you go and do a […]

How To Build A 10x12 Shed Roof

Yard Shed Designer Free Garden Shed Plans 10x16 Goat Run In Shed Plans Shed Roof Plans Diy Build Shed Cost Yard Shed Designer Building A Shed Door From Scratch Building Sheds Using Pallets Yard Shed Designer How To Build Sheds Plans Easy To Build Sheds For Sale Rustic Garden Shed Plans. Now you are ready to start off by. Level your ground and prepare to lay the backdrop. You … […]

How To Connect Broadlink Rm 3 Mini To Wifi

# File: # Script to put RM mini 3 into learning mode # Python # This script will connect and ask the name of the key you want to learn (tv_on) # This script will then ask you to press the key for 5 seconds # Once the code has been learned the led turns off and the script confirms that the code has been registered under the […]

How To Detect Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery calcium Coronary artery calcium score results Coronary artery calcium scans as a screening test Coronary artery calcium score in the investigation of chest pain Future considerations Coronary artery disease is still a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Many acute […]

How To Buy And Play Steam Games Anonymous

Play Steam games on your Mac You need to recognise that Steam is a hub - a combination of a shop and launcher. It's not a system for playing games - only accessing them. […]

How To Say Summer Break In Japanese

PuniPuni Japanese Lesson 11: Hot and Cold – Review Notes. Today we learned how to say “hot” and “cold” in Japanese. In this review, we will learn about two other words that mean “hot” and “cold” and we will talk about the difference between them. […]

Photoshop How To Add A Shadpow

Highlight the text layer that needs a drop shadow applied, and then from the bottom of the Layers panel, click and hold the Layer Effects button, (second from left), and choose Drop Shadow . Figure 97a The different layer effects (or Layer Styles) available from the Fx pop-up menu at … […]

How To Become An Auto Mechanic In Canada

Job Prospects: Like many skilled trades across Canada, the automotive repair industry is facing a talent shortage, as the rate of retirees is not being matched by the rate of new entrants. […]

How To Evaluate Organizational Change

This paper aims to create a model for evaluating organizational change initiatives from a stakeholder resistance viewpoint. The paper presents a model to evaluate change projects and their […]

How To Cook Black Glutinous Rice In Rice Cooker

Black rice (紫米, zi mi, lit. “purple rice”) is a type of glutinous rice. A grain of black rice has the shape of a date seed and is longer than white rice. The raw grain has an opaque dark brown surface, which turns deep purple when cooked. It contains as much as fiber as brown rice and has a similar texture to glutinous rice. The cooked rice has a spongy and sticky texture with a nutty […]

How To Buy More Than 5 Grams In Amsterdam

Meth’s price drops a lot when you buy larger quantities so some will make exceptions for regular customers and will sell you and only you more for $40 , perhaps around 0.5–0.6 , but standard street price is about $100 for a gram but it gets much cheaper than that when you get into much larger quantities. If you’re unsure as either a customer or a buyer, it never hurts to ask who you are […]

How To Build A Fire In The Woods

Make your fire as small as possible... you'll use less wood, and therefore less energy. If you're using the fire as a signal, you can still keep it small, yet have a large pile of […]

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