I'm Kimi Mischke, and I'm a graphic designer. I help inspired entrepreneurs achieve their goals and attract their dream customers. I work with small business owners who are passionate about what they do and want to get their messages out into the world in a way that truly reflects who they are.

With every brand identity project, my goal is to capture the brand's essence and communicate it in a way that is visually compelling, honest and striking. I avoid short-lived trends and fussy designs and, instead, carefully develop artwork that represents who my clients are so they can attract and connect with their target audience. 


My journey as a designer began with a love of color, shapes and letterforms and how they can be combined and manipulated to communicate a story, a mood, or a thought. I love that a font choice can change a message, a color can create a feeling, and a shape can define a character, and I choose and combine these elements for my clients with great care and consideration. 


I'm a mompreneur, juggling kids and career, fueled by green tea and spinach, and energized by endorphins from mountain biking, skiing and crossfit. I'm an introvert and am more comfortable at my computer or on my bike than in the middle of a crowd. Upon first meeting me, I'll probably seem quiet and serious, but if you get to know me, you'll learn that I can be outspoken and funny and a bit cheeky if you really get me going. I can also be honest to a fault and obsessively organized, but I find that these traits are not all bad when it comes to running a business. 

If you think we'd make a good team, shoot me an email right now, so we can start creating something fantastic together!


I was lucky enough to grow up overseas, in Germany, Morrocco and Japan. My father was a school administrator, and my mother was an artist and art teacher. We travelled a ton, and my mother made sure we visited all of the important art museums and galleries wherever we went. At home, she kept us busy drawing, silkscreening and crafting. As a teenager/young adult, I became more interested in things like cheerleading and, later, in outdoor activities like rockclimbing, skiing, backpacking, running and cycling. 

That interest eventually led me to my current home in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley. After five summers working for the Colorado Outward Bound School, I moved to Aspen to teach high school. The good news is that I found my home; the bad news is that teaching wasn't for me. 

Determined to stay in Aspen but in need of a new career, I developed a skills resume and started job hunting. Fairly quickly, I landed a job as the Education Coordinator for the local historical society. Through that job, I started creating educational materials and learned how to use Quark Express. I realized I was on to something I really liked! That took me to Anderson Ranch Arts Center to be the Communications Coordinator, where I dabbled a bit more in design. Still not ready to completely give up education, I left that job for another Education Coordinator position with Aspen Filmfest, where I stayed for almost four years.

By the end though, I was taking every opportunity I could to design flyers and other materials the organization's designer didn't do. She eventually hired me away to be her apprentice and run iota, her growing stationery business. While there, I produced and designed patterns and catalogues for the stationery side and marketing collateral for the client services side. In 2008, two coworkers and I took over the client services business so our boss could focus solely on iota. We became ithree graphic design, and for the next 8 years, I honed my design and business skills there. Our client list included a number of Aspen's non-profit organizations, as well as many local businesses. Our work included everything from logos to event signage, menus to program books, and websites to posters. In 2016, I decided to go it alone and while I still work with a few of our old clients, I am now focussing primarily on brand identity and Squarespace site design for creative entrepreneurs.